lundi 8 juillet 2019


"Routine", I don't really like the word but I have to admit it saves my days. It may sound a little old fashioned. But, haven't I always been? Too old and too young.
I should have discovered it earlier. Routine is my gateway to freedom.

Whatever happens, the morning following a drunken night, a day with your heart torn apart, or just ordinary burn-out, stick to it like a lifeline.

Doesn't matter how you feel, wake up and move, do some sport, dress up, do something for you or clean something in the house, find what works for you and do it, every morning, or maybe, especially when you don't feel like doing anything. Move your body, even mechanically, without thinking, and the rest will follow, start to get back in the right order.

You might not do all you intended to every morning, but it doesn't matter. Less is still better that nothing. Try to add sport in your days, even if it's slow and soft. Try to find few minutes to breathe peacefully before thinking about the day awaiting for you. Try to remember love for what you have, a loving partner, some overwhelming children, a protecting house, or even just a peaceful place somewhere on earth.

And if this morning was just already perfect for you, let your routine add more productivity, freedom and happiness in your day.

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